Rio Verde

Description: Circular via Rio Verde. This route will take you up to views of the mediterranean sea, then down to the birth of Rio Verde (Green River). At the birth of the river is a great time to stop have a rest and eat some food, and if the weather is right, you can even get into the water.

Bike: Focus E-MTB

Difficulty: High

Time: Time: 5 - 7 hours including stops


  • 50€ per person

The bike rental includes a helmet. Don’t worry if you can’t fit extra luggage in your bag. We have jerseys, shorts and gloves for rent and reusable water bottles for sale.



34.840 km

Total Ascent / Descent

1426 m / 1426 m

Lowest point

616 m

Highest point

1284 m

Maximum upward slope


Maximum downward slope