El Glaucal de La Nava was born from the need to save our Pinsapo forests.

Relics from the cold Quaternary period penetrate the rocks and break their glasses trying to stay alive in the steepest corners and slopes of the Andalusian mountains. In a climate change scenario, they take advantage of the passing clouds to quench their thirst and the wind to ensure seeds reach far and wide.

We, the human, as part of the ecosystem feel we have a responsibility and obligation, with our responsible actions, to transmit to society the incalculable value of this forgotten Andalusian forest jewel and to work towards balance, the dynamization of the forest and its good health status, as well as that of the rest of the individuals that make up the ecosystem.

The main purposes of the Association are:

  • Conservation and maintenance of Spanish Pinsapo

  • Improvement to the health status of the forest area

  • Favor the biodiversity that characterizes the environment

  • Enhance its ecological value

  • Study and control the evolution of the forest mass

  • Educate people to the risk, danger and damage that forest fires and other disturbances may produce

  • Create an environment in which lucrative and educational activities related to the environment can be developed

  • Transmission of knowledge of avifauna

  • Provision of rural tourism services

  • Promotion of sustainable development

We value what we have

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