Knowledge & experience

These two words are the best summary to talk about the team of professionals that make up Activities in Sierra de las Nieves. Each of our components has the knowledge and experience necessary to make their activity as enriching as possible.

The team


Born among Pinsapos, as her name suggests; a free woman, guardian of the mountains, who traveled the world to return to her roots.

She knows how to activate all your senses in nature

She will teach you the sweetest thing in the mountains, the world of bees.

Forestry Technical Engineer. Teacher of Vocational Training.


Born in El Palmar de Cádiz, linked to nature since he was a child, he exchanged the coast of Cádiz for the middle mountains of Malaga.

Lover of animals, good work and a free spirit.

Persistent, hard-working and outgoing.

Infinite knowledge and desire to learn.

He will take you to the heart of the mountains to discover the secret of nature


Born in Ronda, raised in Atajate, a town with 170 inhabitants where their way of life is independent

and associated with seasonal produce and proximity.

Passionate about photography, willing to make us see what we are unable to perceive with the naked eye

and lover of nature and its ecosystem. 


Our hostess. Successor to ranchers, she grew up among animals.

Knowledgeable about the most beautiful corners of the mountain range.

 She will help you enjoy a restorative stay at your resort.

At her side, everything seems easier..